About me.

I earned the designation CDPE as shown above, after an intensive training and certification process. My goal and passion are to help people in a distressed situation with their mortgage. If you know anyone in that situation please allow me to help.

Now more about my background:

I have over 25 years experience in consultative sales and customer relationship building. My background includes extensive  training and experience in successful negotiating to achieve my clients goal. My career has always been in sales and sales management  utilizing a consultative approach to assure I understood the needs of my clients.

In my previous position I was the Director of Sales for the National and Regional markets for a large company providing solutions to financial institutions throughout the United States, responsible for meeting and exceeding company goals while building and developing key relationships with clients. This experience involved negotiating multi-million dollar contracts and assuring success.

Listening and seeking to understand are important skills I have developed that will help me help you. My commitment has always been to exceed my client’s expectations. While working to sell your existing home or to find that  home you have always dreamed of owning I make that same commitment. I will work tirelessly to make sure we achieve your goal together.

My wife and I live on Sand Key and enjoy the wonderful beaches and the fantastic weather that makes everyday seem like a vacation of a lifetime. I specialize on beach and water front properties. Want to live your dream? I can help it come true. Come join us for the spectacular sunsets and island lifestyle you have earned.

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