Posted by: rgmorgan | August 19, 2011

Are you satisfied?

Seems like a vague question doesn’t it? Satisfied with what you might ask. Satisfied with the way you are treated today, whether in a retail store, a restaurant, a grocery store, movie theater, bank, etc. Do you feel the person ostensibly taking care of you really cares about your needs?
To me one of the most frustrating aspects of daily life today is the lack of customer service. Do people call you back when they say they will? Does the repairman show up when he said he would or for that matter does he show up at all. If you take your car in to be serviced does the job get completed on time, for the price agreed upon and does the repair solve the problem?
I’m in the real estate business and I know how frustrating it is when phone calls are not returned, appointments not kept and deadlines ignored. As licensed professionals we must be held to a higher standard yet many fail to meet the minimum expectations of customer service. Don’t get me wrong the majority of realtors work very hard and do their very best to exceed your expectaions. Unfortunately one bad experience can negatively impact the entire industry.
If you have had a bad experience and been frustrated by lack of communication or indifference, remember you’re the boss. Have a conversation and if you do not get satisfaction hire someone who wants to do a good professional job representing your interests.
Don’t settle for less than 10+ service after all you are the customer and despite some of the feelings to the contrary today we work for you.


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