Posted by: rgmorgan | June 8, 2010


I don’t know if you are a golf fan or not. Some people find watching golf on TV about the same as getting a root canal, but I enjoy it and this last weekend I was under the weather so I watched a lot of golf. The tournament was “The Memorial” which is hosted by Jack Nicklaus who many (myself included) consider the greatest golfer ever. It was great to see some of the young golfers playing so well and vying for the coveted title. Ricky Fowler a 21 year old from California was the last day leader when play started. He was followed closely by two other 20 somethings, Ricky Barnes and Justin Rose. None had ever won on the PGA tour before so this was a big deal for each of them. Pressure to win and all the perks that come with a victory plus winning Jack’s tournament were evident in watching the play.
Ultimately Justin Rose won the tournament with spectacular play on a Sunday afternoon and the faltering of Ricky Fowler on one hole. The commentators mentioned what a great learning experience this was for all of them especially Ricky Fowler. Fowler didn’t want the learning experience he wanted to win. I thought David Feherty captured his feelings very well when he stated that “Experience is something you get when you don’t get what you want”. Now I’m not saying experience isn’t valuable because it is. Failure is part of life and if you don’t stick your neck out and give it your best you will never get any better but no one should do something just for the experience.


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