Posted by: rgmorgan | March 29, 2010

Expired listings sellers frustrated!

Have you received a call from real estate agents asking about your “expired listing”? If you have chances are most of them were from Keller Williams Realty. Why, you ask. Because our culture is that we want to do our job and that job is to help people who want or need to buy or sell real estate. If your listing expired it means that you wanted to sell your property and that your attempt was unsuccessful. You had a reason you wanted to sell and if that hasn’t disappeared then you still have the need to sell. Many times it is a life changing event and extremely important.
I spoke with a gentleman this morning who spent 15 minutes explaining to me why he was so frustrated. He also told me that Keller Williams agents were the ones calling him. What struck me was not that he mentioned specifically that KW agents were the ones reaching out to him but the level of frustration he had with his experience. He did not blame anyone for the lack of sales directly but he stated that simply placing a sign in the front yard was not going to get the job done. While I assured him that was not my approach and set up a time to meet with him to discuss how I would sell his home, I listened to him as he shared his opinion of what was wrong with not only the real estate market but the country in general.
He has been through several recessions and declared this to be one of if not the worst he has seen. The more we talked the more I realized much of his frustration revolved around relationships or the lack of them more specifically. He wants to work with someone who listens to his needs and understands how important building a realtionship is to attaining a successful outcome. I don’t know whether he and I will end up working together or not. We will meet and together we will each decide if it makes sense to enter into a business relationship. I understand his goals, I will learn his expectations, share mine and decide if I can help him be successful. He will in turn measure me as to my ability to help him be successful. If we both feel we can win it will be great. If either of us feels we cannot then we will part amicably. I do not intend to do anything to add to this gentleman’s frustration.


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