Posted by: rgmorgan | February 6, 2010

It’s a Sellers’ Market if You Price it Right

The Real Estate pundits all keep saying we are in a buyers market. If you look at the overall market that may be true. If you look at the homes priced correctly within the larger market you will find a different story. Homes that are priced correctly are selling quickly. I have found that there are pockets of homes where the Real Estate consultant has done their homework and helped their client arrive at a price that reflects the value of the home in today’s market. When this is done you find that the buyers are ready, willing and able to pull the trigger and purchase the home.
If you want to sell your home in today’s environment don’t price it like it was 2005. If you price it correctly though you will find buyers anxiously waiting to act just like 2005. You don’t need to “give it away” as some sellers feel just price it correctly. If you work with a trained real estate consultant who understands your local market you can determine the right price together and you will be on your way to your next adventure.
Remember that if you are also looking to buy something to replace your current home you will be looking for a home that is also priced correctly and you will find yourself competing with other astute buyers for that home.
Good luck!


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