Posted by: rgmorgan | January 12, 2010

Cold is a relative term! Paradise is forever.

The Tampa Bay area of Florida has experienced some really cold weather for here. It has not only been well below normal it has been downright cold with freeze warnings at night. Despite the cold weather when you look at what the rest of the country has had to endure this is still the place to be.
The beaches aren’t crowded and the water is still beautiful and the sun warms you up, just leave the bikini in the closet for now. According to forecasts we should reach near normal temperatures by the end of the week which are in the low 70’s.
The new Hyatt is scheduled to open soon which will add valuable room space and parking for Clearwater Beach just in time for the season. It is a majestic property overlooking a slice of pure white sand beach. I’ve watched it develop from nothing to the exciting destination it has now become.
There is so much to take advantage of and enjoy in the Clearwater Beach area. Dolphins still entertain, sunsets are still beautiful and even our cold snap is a relief from the cold of our northern states.
Great property values still exist and whether you want to spend your vacation or start the next phase of your life, it doesn’t get any better than the west coast of central Florida.
See you on the beach!!!


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