Posted by: rgmorgan | January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

I wanted to wish everyone a fantastic 2010. In many ways 2009 was filled with challenges and many people had a difficult year. Jobs were lost, finances suffered and some lost their homes. As we look towards the future let’s try to be positive and look for opportunities to make this year one of the best ever. As I relect on my last year personally I can be thankful that my family and friends were there for each other and we had some great times together. Our health was good and we got to spend some great times together for which I will forever be thankful.
Many milestones took place in 2009 including the passing of many icons in American life such as Walter Cronkite. It seems each year I become more aware of my mortality but continue to relish the joys life brings. Grandchildren help keep us young and vibrant and feel great about the future. Their excitement is contagious and bodes well for all of us.
I wish all of you a year filled with joy and happiness and good health. Thank you for your friendship, patronage and loyalty.


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