Posted by: rgmorgan | November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

As we approach another holiday season and begin to reflect on the past year I think it is important to remember the positives and not get mired in the negatives. Sure the economy has hurt most of us and many have suffered with the loss of jobs or the need to find other ways to survive. I know in the real estate market it has been a challenging and turbulent time. Money is tight for many of us and we have had to make sacrifices. Some of us have lost loved ones in the past year.
This is a time to celebrate what we do have and those with whom we can share it. We still live in a great country protected by those serving overseas and at home to make sure we can enjoy the simple things we take for granted. Make sure when you are giving thanks for friends and family you remember those away from home this Thanksgiving.
I know how thankful I am for the wonderful family I have and the joy that they bring. I am also thankful for our friends and all the people who have touched our lives. Tomorrow we are fortunate to have our whole family together along with some of those friends. For a day we will forget our troubles and relect on the good things that have happened or the dreams we have for the future together.
I wish all of you the greatest of Thanksgivings and nothing but joy for the next year, but most of all I hope you can be thankful for the gifts you have experienced in your life.
Happy Thanksgiving


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