Posted by: rgmorgan | November 3, 2009

Holiday Season Is Almost Here, What Do I Do?

Many people feel the Holiday season marks a time when it is impossible to sell or buy a home. Why is that? Is it that job transfers stop or moving to a new area ceases or retirements don’t happen? Does the need for a larger place stop because Thanksgiving and Christmas and/or Hanukkah are upon us? The truth is life goes on and people are still searching for new places to live for all the same reasons.
There is nothing more inviting than a home all decorated for the holidays. The smells and the decorations help make a house a home and really enhance that “warm fuzzy feeling” buyers are looking for to decide “This is it!” Some feel that it is just too bothersome to keep their house ready for buyers to view. Yet at the same time they do more cleaning and decorating for friends and family at this time than any other time of year.
Let the competition pull their house from the market during the next 2 months. You keep your home listed or if not listed now consider listing it to take advantage of the season and the opportunities that exist. Whether you believe in Santa Claus or not why take a chance. This could be your best holiday ever if you want to sell or purchase a home.


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