Posted by: rgmorgan | October 20, 2009

1 in 8 Homeowners in trouble!!!!!

It’s a scary statistic but unfortunately it is true and in Florida it is actually worse than that. Do you know anyone who is in danger of losing their home to foreclosure? In today’s economy many things can happen that are no fault of the individual’s impacted. Loss of job, divorce, illness, relocation, death are just a few of the culprits that can turn one’s life upside down and put a family in a crisis.

If you know anyone who is in this position please let them know that there are options to a foreclosure. I just spent two days of intensive training becoming more educated in how to help people in economic distress to the point of losing their home. I earned the designation CDPE which means Certified Distressed Property Expert. This program trains you to help people avoid foreclosure and move on with their lives. In many cases it involves a “short sale” of their home but there are other options depending on the particular situation.

If you know someone who is in a difficult situation it is my new mission to work with them and help them through this difficult period. Don’t let them make the wrong decision or just ignore the situation and hope it goes away. Foreclosure is not the only option, banks don’t want to do it and typically this is one option that will impact you for years to come. It is a scary time, let a professional help you through the process.


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