Posted by: rgmorgan | October 5, 2009

Offshore Powerboat Races Clearwater Beach, FL

And the winner is..........

And the winner is..........

This past weekend, the first weekend in October, Clearwater Beach hosted Offshore Powerboat races with some of the biggest names in the sport present. Miss Geico and Aqua Mania impressed the crowd which was in the tens of thousdands who witnessed a great spectacle over a picture perfect 3 day weekend. Despite the fall date it was beach weather at it’s best with bright sunshine, calm seas and warm temperatures.

This was my first experience seeing these powerful boats race around the race course and it was impressive. The people turned out on the beach and in hundreds of boats of all shapes and sizes to watch. Several classes of boats participated in the races and it was thrilling to see the skills of the pilots and the sheer power of the boats tested. The noise of the engines as the boats raced around the buoys marking the course was reminiscent of NASCAR racing. Rooster tails seemed to fill the air and sometimes blotted out the following boats as the leaders roared by my beach location.

I know it’s football season but this was a truly unique experience that captured the attention of casual beach goers and sports fans alike. I know that when they return next year I will be there to take it all in again. It makes me appreciate living near the water and in an area where this type of action is available.


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