Posted by: rgmorgan | September 21, 2009

Teamwork gets the job done!

Looking to sell your house? Are you a buyer who wants to find that perfect home? Either way, remember buying or selling real estate is a team sport. There are many concerns you must deal with regardless of which side of the transaction you are. Selling, you need to make sure all the required disclosures are provided and that you do not violate any Fair Housing or Fair Credit laws. The penalties can be severe. An earlier post dealt with the trials and tribulations of selling your home yourself so I will not spend time rehashing that and simply suggest you revisit the posting.
When you buy a home the importance of having a team is important because you want to make sure your interests are protected and you get the best deal possible. OK so what is the team I mentioned. Your Realtor should be able to help you obtain financial pre-approval by working with reputable lender or lenders. You can certainly use any lender you choose but this service is something your Realtor should be able to offer. Home inspection is another area of great importance once you have selected a home and you and your Realtor have negotiated the purchase price to your satisfaction. Again, you may select any home inspector you choose but your Realtor should have a track record of good service from one or more.
If the home needs repairs or landscaping or painting where do you go? If you know someone fine but if not check with your Realtor. Many will have a list of reliable providers.
How about closing on the actual purchase? What do you need to do next? Your Realtor should have one or more Title Companies he or she works with to take the burden from you and make sure everything necessary is done in a timely manner to assure you close on your new home when you were supposed to with no surprises. Between the lender, your Realtor and the Title Company the job will get done and done right. You just need to be concerned with packing and moving. (Many times your Realtor can suggest help here if needed.)
When it comes to Real Estate make sure your Realtor has a team of experts available to make this a fun and exciting time for you and not a stressful time. I’m proud to say I have a great team that has proven themselves time after time to be professional and caring. Please visit my web site for more information.


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