Posted by: rgmorgan | September 3, 2009

Property Web Sites and Text Information

Statistics show that homebuyers nearly always begin their home search on the internet. Over 80% of searches begin this way. So what, you say. Well if searches start there isn’t it logical that you, as a home seller, want to make sure your home has a strong presence on that same internet. I’m sure you realize that there are many tools available to home buyers on the internet such as MLS,, Zillow, Trulia etc. Craig’s List is another site where many people search for all things to purchase including homes.
I’m excited about a tool I just began to use which enhances what I was doing for my clients before regarding their home presence on the web. For each listing I now not only make sure their home is on all the sites mentioned above as well as many others, I also create a property specific website for their home. It is filled with information about the home, the area around the home, schools, birds’ eye views and mapping as well as virtual tours, panoramic views and information about loan rates.
Another exciting thing is the ability to obtain information about the home via text messaging from your cell phone while parked right in front of the property.
This a service that I trust will help homes reach more people and therefore sell quicker. If you would like more information regarding this please feel free to contact me. For an example go to http:/


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