Posted by: rgmorgan | July 31, 2009

It’s all here

It's all here

It's all here

As I sat in my office this morning and looked out at the Gulf of Mexico and it’s waves gently crashing the beach I couldn’t help but think of something a great old friend of me was always fond of saying when he was on vacation or doing something unusual that others weren’t or couldn’t do. “I wonder what the poor people are doing right now?” Now keep in mind he wasn’t rich at least not in the ways most people measure richness but he enjoyed life and recognized it when he had or was doing something special.

Sometimes those fortunate enough to live in the Tampa Bay area take for granted the spectacular opportunities we have in front of us. I certainly do not qualify as rich in the typical sense but feel priviledged to live in an area rich with beautiful resources and natural wonders. We have the Gulf of Mexico to our West with it’s fishing, boating and swimming and just the vastness makes you feel peaceful. We have the temperate climate that allows us to enjoy the outdoors year round. We have Orlando just a relatively short drive away with it’s Theme parks for our enjoyment and for our kids and their kids. We have the wonder of Kennedy Space Center just across the state with it’s history and awe inspiring launches. We have homes that our relatives want to visit when it’s cold up there.

In today’s real estate market there are great opportunities to buy a piece of paradise. Prices in Florida remain favorable to those looking to move here on a permanant basis or those looking for a vacation getaway. So agina as I look out my office window and reminisce about my old friend I realize how many people could and should be putting themselves in the position to ask, “I wonder what the poor people are doing?”. Now is the time to do what they are doing and join me in paradise. You really don’t have to be rich to live the rich life. Make the move!


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