Posted by: rgmorgan | July 13, 2009

Home inspection -don’t buy home without it!!!!

You found the perfect home after months of exhaustive searching with your Realtor and want to buy it. The price is right, you make an offer and it is accepted! Congratulations but slow down long enough to schedule a thorough home inspection. Home inspection may be one of the most important steps to a happy home purchase. Your Realtor should have a list of certified home inspectors he or she has worked with but remember you can choose anyone you want to do the inspection, just make sure they are accredited by either The National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) or the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

Sure you have the Sellers Property Disclosure but as you know purchasing a home is a major investment and hidden costs for repairs may not only be costly, they may make you wish you had never seen your new home. Uncovering  serious defects prior to closing allows you to negotiate who does the repairs or the purchase price  you are now willing to pay for the home or even if you still want to buy.  Remember the old slogan “Pay me now or pay me later.”? Spend the money (usually $200-350 depending on home size and scope) to determine what you are buying.

One important thing to remember is there are no perfect homes. Your inspection will uncover some issues. Some will be items to monitor such as air conditioner filters, there will be basic repair items, cosmetic issues etc. Expect these. You will hear the expression the “bones of the house”. This refers to the structure, the roof, major items like the air conditioner, plumbing, electrical systems etc. Good bones are what you want, not perfection. Your inspector will provide you with a full report and answer your questions regarding the inspection.

You’ve found the home of your dreams, your inspection will prevent it from becoming a nightmare. Don’t be afraid of an inspection but remember don’t expect perfection. It’s a tool to help you in your home buying decision. Good luck with your home purchase!


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