Posted by: rgmorgan | June 12, 2009

Statistics support real estate market improvement in some areas

According to the latest statistics from the Pinellas County Real Estate Organization and the local MLS  sales for both condos and single family homes increased in the month of May. Inventories were down and home prices while down from a year ago were fairly stable when compared to the previous month and in fact showed a slight gain.

It seems like everyday some pundit is preaching a worsening real estate market with no sign of recovery in sight. The truth is every market is different and real estate markets cannot be defined nationally, statewide or even by community. In many cases the market reacts differently by neighborhood and sometimes even by areas within the neighborhood. It is important to work with a Realtor to truly understand the dynamics which effect your particular neighborhood or situation. Do remember when you read the news each day that many times they are dealing in generalizations and the real estate market by it’s nature is much more area specific.

To see specifics please go to the link “Market Statistics by Area” and you can look for your area to see details. If you would like to receive this information when posted please subscribe to this blog.


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