Posted by: rgmorgan | May 14, 2009

“Red Day” at Keller Williams

Thursday May 14th is “Red Day” at Keller Williams Realty. What does that mean? Today is a nationwide celebration of giving back to the communities where Keller Williams’ agents live and work. In the Pinellas County area we are distributing “Vials of Life”, a program co-sponsored by the American Red Cross and Morton Plant Hospitals.

The objective is to pass out as many of these to those who live alone, have serious illnesses or take various medications. The vials are medicine type vials where you store all the pertinent information regarding any illnesses or medications on the form provided in the kit. You then store this in your refrigerator and place an orange dot on the door of the refrigerator to alert the EMTs to its existence. (This is one of the first things they look for in responding to an emergency.)

In a time of emergency we sometimes become confused or forget important information. This is designed to take some of that burden away from us in the event something happens to us or a loved one. I feel priviledged to participate in this progam.


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